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Medical scenario training
Corporate soft skills training
Medical simulation
Situational awareness training

Practice makes perfect

For many employee training programs scenario-based learning gives people confidence in difficult situations. When it’s hard to find the time to organise a group, immersive simulations and interactive scenarios on their mobile allow self-directed learning at any time.

  • Practice scenarios on your mobile
  • Confidence from experience
Practice makes perfect

Scenario-based learning

Making mistakes and getting immediate feedback in a live practical scenario is great active learning. Digital scenario-based learning is excellent experience training for medical simulations, difficult conversations, confrontation, soft skills and many other real life training programs.

  • Simulate the real world
  • Practice soft skills
Scenario-based learning

Situational awareness

Hazard identification, risk management and handling unpredictable behavior are often key soft skills you need for safety and wellbeing in work environments. Mobile learning experiences let you freeze time to identify risks, make decisions and learn from your mistakes the easy way.

  • Practice situational awareness
  • Learn from your mistakes
Situational awareness

Learners love ShowHow

A recent study with Capital and Coast DHB highlighted the benefits


Good experience

Medical professionals found that ShowHow was a good learning experience for simulating procedures


Increased knowledge

The doctors, nurses and registrars found they increased their knowledge by practicing scenarios


Improved confidence

The teams found that ShowHow helped improve confidence when dealing with COVID positive patients

Immersive learning platform

ShowHow is the all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create, and deliver, immersive learning experiences.

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