eLearning can be fun

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Simple and engaging

eLearning doesn’t have to be boring. Create engaging and memorable experiences that take you there and challenge your situational awareness and decision-making.

Mobile eLearning

A mobile phone is now the best device to deliver training on. ShowHow is an immersive experience that works on any device and is really easy to access.

Virtual Reality training

For some scenarios you really want your learners to be fully immersed and totally focused on the task at hand. ShowHow works great in a VR headset if you’ve used 360 videos.

Deliver training everywhere

Often the easiest way to deliver your training is often via your Learning Management System, or you can invite them directly from our platform or share courses on social media.

Quick and easy authoring

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Pick a path for success

Design your learning to meet clear objectives. Plan your course before you shoot to get a shot list so you don’t miss anything. Use branching to allow learners to decide for themselves and see what happens when they get it wrong.

Simple storyboard editor

Drag scenes and actions into your storyboard and link them together to create amazing learning experiences. Give instructions, decisions to make and hotspots to find then give feedback when they get it right or wrong. Get them to explain their decisions with voice responses.

Easy video production

Upload and edit video in our scenario eLearning software, no other software or knowledge required. Record voiceovers straight into the course and add the information the learner needs to meet those learning objectives.

Sharing templated courses

Easily share courses with other authors and organizations. Create different versions for different audiences and when you just want to see how it will look if you make a few changes. Offer your courses to other organizations so they can customize them to suit their needs.

Stable and secure platform

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Cloud-based architecture

ShowHow lives on the cloud. You just need a web browser to create and view courses and you can install our progressive web app if you need. We leverage Amazon Web Services for fast cloud delivery and global availability.

Secured data and media

ShowHow is secured to industry standards. We separate organizational data and secure media at an organizational level. You can securely transfer your courses to view in your LMS, you can also open your courses to the world and share them on social media.

Integrate or stand-alone

Integrate with your Learning Management system to invite learners to your courses or use ours. We offer a simple LMS-lite where you can add learners and organize them into groups of classes. You can assign them learning and track progress.

Designed for collaboration

Invite subject matter experts to collaborate in designing the learning and agree on what’s in the course before you shoot. Avoid traveling by sending someone on the ground with a shot list. Get people who know what they’re doing login and record voiceovers.

Robust reporting and analysis

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Assess course performance

Analyse your course to see where the bottlenecks are and which decisions might be too obvious. Check where learners tend to give up and see what you can do to keep them interested or make it easier to progress. Print your report and take it to your team meeting to discuss progress and see the learning impact.

Compare learners in groups

Group your learners into classes of roles, see how they compare across courses to assess ability and the possible impact of this training or other courses. Investigate participation and send notifications to learners to ensure they’re aware the course is available.

Individual learner reports

Track a learner’s progress, see what they got right and what mistakes they made. See how long they took to make decisions and the path they took. Compare results between courses to get a better appreciation of their needs and gaps in their knowledge.

Hear learners’ thoughts

Get your learners to record their thoughts, explain decisions and practice how they’d say something. Give them a score for their response or some feedback and help them learn from the experience.

Immersive learning platform

ShowHow is the all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create, and deliver, immersive learning experiences.

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