Create faster

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Web-based course creation

Create courses easily in your web browser. With no need to download software, you can get started straight away and collaborate easily with team members and contractors.

Intuitive storyboard editor

Build custom learning experiences quickly using our storyboard editor. From simple courses to complicated scenarios, ShowHow makes it easy to tailor learning to specific sites, teams and tasks.

Built-in video editor

Create immersive content scene-by-scene using our built-in video editor. Simply add your video, images and text and ShowHow can do the rest.

Update easily

Easily adaptable to new information and techniques

Add interactions

Maximise engagement and knowledge retention for learners by adding interactive elements to your 360 videos and images. Add multi-choice questions, decision points, identify elements usings hotspots or record voice responses.

Share expertise effortlessly

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Compatible on all devices

Ensure your courses look perfect on every device. ShowHow adapts to all devices automatically so you can be sure your whole team gets the same captivating learning experience, however they choose to learn.

Learn with virtual reality

With ShowHow it’s easy to deliver your courses on virtual reality headsets, so your employees can experience a fully immersive experience with all the benefits of superior engagement and better learning.

Mobile, immersive learning

Keep your training in your back pocket. ShowHow works perfectly on your mobile so you can experience immersive learning wherever you are. With ready access to site or situation specific courses, you can refresh your knowledge when you need it most.

Seamless LMS integration

ShowHow can be used independently or with your LMS. Employees can simply log in to your LMS to view ShowHow content while progress is fed back to your LMS automatically.

Real world experience

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Immersive environment

Feel the pressure of a crisis situation or understand your customers better by stepping into their shoes. Channel your learners’ best efforts by creating the immersive environment in which they can flourish.

Interactive and Engaging

Immersive experiences provide learners with a true-to-life and interactive environment to practise their skills and decision-making. Immersive learners are more confident to act on their training than traditional learners.

Unlock institutional knowledge

Free up your subject matter experts’ time by virtualising their training once, then delivering that expertise effortlessly to anyone who needs it now, and in the future.

Agile learning

Update your learning experiences easily with new information and techniques and improve adaptability and responsiveness to your business environment.

Secure and Cloud Based

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No software to download, ShowHow's online platform has all you need to author immersive experiences.

High availability and Secure

ShowHow replicates data across regions on a highly secure AWS infrastruture. This architecture ensures high availability and protection from failures, such as power outages.

Fast and reliable

ShowHow leverages Amazon's CDN network for superior performance and availability to deliver high-quality video content and seamless media streaming to your learners.

Bring training to life

ShowHow is the all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create, and deliver, immersive learning experiences.

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