Use learning objectives in scenarios to measure impact.

We’re very excited to introduce Learning Objectives in ShowHow. We are designed to help you assess learning impact and identify needs and opportunities over time.  

Learning objectives in scenarios demonstrate competencies, i.e. diagnosing conditions in medical scenarios or showing awareness of risk in safety modules.   ShowHow uses learning objectives to both measures and analyse learning and adapt scenarios with branching.  

Measuring learning outcomes has always been a challenge in traditional training. Quizzes at the end of eLearning or assessments after a classroom session can be useful - but what about after 3 or 6 months? Do learners still know how to apply what they’ve learnt?

ShowHow scenarios are for embedding knowledge, practising skills and building upon your existing training.  Use ShowHow to challenge learners in different situations, giving them a chance to practice what they’ve learnt and maybe find out what they don’t know.  Use learning objectives to see what stuck and what further learning interventions might be useful.  

Learning objectives can be from our library, for your organisation only or for a particular course.  Measure objectives across multiple organisations or multiple courses, or just one course.  They are scored or they can also be achievements (i.e. yes/no). 

To use learning objectives:

  1. Create new learning objectives or use our library, that includes for example:  behavioural objectives such as cautiousness, confidence, self awareness, sympathy or empathy. Safety objectives such as hazard identification, situational awareness.

    Learning objectives can be very specific - i.e. “knows what this particular button does”, or a more general “acknowledges emotions” for example. You should configure them in line with the core competencies you want to measure over time and across your learning audience.

  2. Impact learning objectives with actions. When a learner completes a task, answers a question, makes a decision or finds a hotspot you can impact learning objectives and change their values. You can add, subtract or set a score. You can set an achievement to yes or no.

    These learning objective scores and achievements are then available in both the course and learner reports for assessing learning impact and course performance.

  3. You can also branch with learning objectives, for example, go to a different action or scene depending on the learning objective, i.e. take away options or show the


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