Why use micro-learning experiences?


 Learners in frontline positions tend to be time-poor, used to pressure, and experienced in their roles.  Micro-learning experiences should be used to give them an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and use their skills when practicing scenarios.  Use regular micro-learning experiences in the flow of work to ensure capabilities and check behaviors.   Use learning objectives in micro-learning to measure learning impact from other activities such as classroom or eLearning modules. 

What are micro-learning experiences?


Micro-learning experiences are short, bite-sized chunks of learning designed to come after the training session or eLearning. Delivered in the flow of work, they're short experiences focused on limited learning objectives.  Ideally 5-10 minutes maximum in length, they should be focused on the task at hand and achievable in the fewest possible steps.  Use micro-interventions to guide them if they need help and give context or more information if they get it wrong. 

How do you create microlearning in ShowHow?


Plan scenarios around limited learning objectives. Use real situations that have happened, focus on the key outcomes from that scenario and assume that learners will make the right decision.  Don't use loads of wrong answers to confuse the learner, use 2 right answers and use reasoning to establish if the learner knows why they'd make that decision. 


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