Why use VR in training?


For some scenarios - you really want the learner to be fully immersed. Using ShowHow in a VR headset is an awesome experience and demands undivided attention.  If you want the learner to experience the scenario and feel as close to the real world as possible, a Virtual Reality experience will be very effective. 


What is involved in VR learning experiences?


We use 360 video and 3D interactions to create VR training experiences.   Best shot from a fixed position (i.e. a tripod). Just upload the videos as usual from the maximum resolution, and we’ll compress into different versions including high resolution for VR. 

Use a 360 camera such as a Go Pro Max to create the videos. 


How do you use ShowHow for VR learning?

When the learner loads a VR scenario on a VR headset and clicks ‘Start’, they are automatically taken into the VR experience. There is a dual interface for VR experiences as you enter. 

Immersive learning platform

ShowHow is the all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create, and deliver, immersive learning experiences.

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