1Learning objectives

ShowHow is scenario-based learning experiences for frontline teams, with measurable learning outcomes.

The place to start is with your learning objectives - what capabilities do you want to build or behaviors do you want to change?

Are there key skills your teams are missing or you just want to check what they'd do in a potential situation?

If you’ve got a course or eLearning module designed for those outcomes - use ShowHow to reinforce and assess that learning.

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2Select Scenarios

When you know the learning outcomes you are trying to achieve, you can then decide on suitable scenarios to create with ShowHow.

Scenarios should be authentic and realistic, created with your team in their work environment.

Workshop scenarios with your frontline teams, discuss situations that have happened, and the learnings from those experiences. They make great scenarios for others to learn from.

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You develop scenarios in the ShowHow storyboard editor.

Here you can plan scenes, add in actions, and design the branching and feedback to show consequences and outcomes of decisions.

The storyboard editor is very simple to use and is built for collaboration. Work with the expert, educator, and learners to plan and test the scenario - before you shoot.

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4Shoot & publish

It’s really easy to film scenarios when you’ve done the planning and storyboard.

Shoot in the morning, get them live in the afternoon! Just use a mobile phone, action camera, or 360 camera and put the learner in the scene.

Easily edit your video on our platform. Upload in any format we’ll get it ready for different devices and browsers. Drag in hotspots, link actions, and record voiceovers all from the editor.

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5Share with learners

Get scenarios to your learners where ever they are, securely and easily. Deliver in the flow of work to keep them engaged long after the training was delivered.

Generate a SCORM package to load into your LMS, or use our simple LMS to send learners a link to access scenarios.

You can also generate links that can be shared on social media, emailed to learners or embedded into authoring tools such as Storyline, Rise or Chamelon.

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6Measure and improve

ShowHow has great metrics! Everything gets measured. Assess learner’s comprehension and understanding - maybe they need some further support or learning interventions.

Compare learning objectives across groups and see where other learning activities have had an impact or may need some improvement.

Use our detailed scenario reports to view data live in the storyboard. See the branches taken or find out where you lose your audience - maybe it’s a problem with the scenario you can fix straight away.

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Immersive learning platform

ShowHow is the all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create, and deliver, immersive learning experiences.

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