Azure Active Directory SSO


To get started, you need the following:

  • An Azure AD subscription.
  • ShowHow single sign-on (SSO) enabled subscription.



In this how-to-guide, you will configure your Azure AD account so users can automatically SSO into ShowHow as Admin/ Author or Learner accounts.

  • ShowHow supports SP initiated SSO
  • ShowHow supports Just In Time user provisioning, meaning that if the Azure AD user does not exist in ShowHow, they will be created during the SSO, the default access level is a learner account.


Configure Azure AD SSO

Follow these steps to enable Azure AD SSO in the Azure portal.


In the Azure portal, click on the Enterprise application in the Manage menu.









Select  New Application









Create your own application










Next, name the application ShowHow and make sure the option to “Integrate any other application you don’t find in the gallery” is checked.  Then click the create button.



Select the Single sign-on page, then click on the SAML option.




On the Set up single sign-on with SAML settings, click the edit icon on the Basic SAML Configuration to edit the settings. 

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Then add these SAML settings provided by ShowHow and click Save

Identifier (Enitity ID): <ProvidedByShowhow>

Reply Url: <ProvidedByShowhow>

Sign on Url: <ProvidedByShowhow>


In the User Attributes & Claims section, leave the default settings as below. The following screenshot shows the list of default attributes, the unique identifier that ShowHow uses is the emailaddress attribute.  


In the SAML Signing Certificate section, find Certificate (Base64) and select Download to download the certificate and save it on your computer.

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On the Set up ShowHow section, copy the first 2 URLs provided: Login URL & Azure AD Identifier.

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Finally, email the certificate and the 3 urls to the ShowHow team and they will enable the integration.  Once ShowHow has confirmed the SAML configuration is complete you can test the SSO.

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