Sharing your Scenario


Publishing your scenario

Once you have completed your scenario, you are likely to want to share with it your learners.  You may want to go through a sign-off process with stakeholders before general release.  You may also want to version your scenario for tracking and controlled releases. 

From the scenario storyboard editor, click the Share button to access the controls for publishing, versioning, and sharing your scenario. 

SCORM and your LMS

The most common way to get your scenarios to your learners is via your Learning Management System.  Most support SCORM and often that is the easiest way to get your scenarios to your learners securely.  We’ll still record all the data in our systems and will report back to your LMS on scenario completions. 

You have some options on whether to do a simple package where the data, app, and media content comes from our servers - or you can choose to bundle those components in the package depending on your requirements. 


Our baby LMS

ShowHow includes a simple LMS where you can add learners directly in the Share panel. This will send them a personalised link in an email that will log them into the scenario automatically.  You can set limits on how many times these links can be used and set them to expire if you wish. 

You can also manage groups of learners and send scenarios to that group via our LMS.  

Public links

For a faster and less secure method of sharing, you can generate public links to your scenario. This link can be shared by anyone online and via social networks or communication tools. 

The learner will need to enter their email address to view the scenario for reporting purposes. 

Embed into eLearning


You can also generate embedding links to use inside authoring tools, for example, Storyline, Rise, or Chameleon. This link is anonymous however you can request the learner’s email address in the scenario if you want to know who viewed the scenario. 

Immersive learning platform

ShowHow is the all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create, and deliver, immersive learning experiences.

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