Learning Objectives


What are learning objectives?

Learning objectives are the goals and achievements for the learning activity. What is it you want learners to be able to do?  In scenario training, learning objectives are a little different from traditional training or eLearning. Typically scenario learning objectives are designed to build upon other learning activities.  The material might not include the actual learning, more assessing the application of knowledge or skills to a problem or situation. 

Cathy Moore has written a great blog on Learning Objectives and how they apply to learning designers. For many ShowHow authors,  you are the designer and the client - so focus on the key priorities of the scenario and what you want to measure. 

For the learner, sometimes you may want to be open about the learning objectives - encouraging them to engage with the scenario and show they are capable. You may want to feedback on scores and achievements during the scenario or at the end. Otherwise, you may want to be discreet, not giving too much away to ensure the learners are approaching the problem with minimal preconceived bias.  

Learning objective library

ShowHow offers an extensive learning objective library that includes key behaviours, capabilities and skills that you may wish to utilise.  If you have an organizational licence, you can create a custom library of key learning objectives that are relevant to your organisation - these can be applied and measured across multiple scenarios. 

Learning objectives can be scored or achievements, depending on if it’s something you want to apply a positive or negative score or add scores together, or if it’s simple yes/no achievement. 

Measuring and reporting

Learning objectives are used to measure learning impact i.e. if someone has done this eLearning course, are they now able to do this skill, or have they remembered this important thing 3 months later? 

When you connect learning objectives with your actions in your scenarios you record what the learner did. This data can then be used to analyze learning impact, assess individuals and identify strengths and weaknesses. 

Branching and feedback


You can also use Learning Objectives as variables. You can drag them into the storyboard and branch based on scores or achievements, i.e. if the learner previously did this, then do that. You can also use the score in feedback to let the learner know how they’re doing. 

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