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Scenario training for frontline teams

ShowHow is a platform for creating learning experiences that feel real. Put frontline teams into situations where they use their knowledge and practice skills to achieve outcomes. Build upon the learning you already do to embed knowledge and measure learning impact with short immersive experiences.

Scenarios are quick to shoot, easy to author, and simple to publish when you follow our recipe. 


1. Decide your learning objectives

A great place to start is with what you are looking to achieve. What are the key capabilities, abilities, and behaviors you need your teams to demonstrate and how are you going to measure them? 

Our library includes a selection of generic behaviors, capabilities, and assessments you can use. You can define the scores and achievements that are relevant to your organization.


2. Choose relevant scenarios

Work with your teams to discover situations that have happened and how they demonstrated learning objectives to achieve the desired outcomes. Ask them what they wish they could have practiced before it happened in real life.

Decide what you can easily recreate with your teams in the environments they recognize.  Make the learner the protagonist and use your team or actors to give them a realistic experience that puts them in the situation. 


3. Co-design storyboards


Use our simple storyboard editor to design your scenarios before you shoot. Drag in placeholders for video and photos, add in the actions, interactions, and objectives that enable the learner to achieve the outcome. 

Co-design and preview the storyboard with your team, plan the shoot and then you're ready to create an awesome scenario. 

Immersive learning platform

ShowHow is the all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create, and deliver, immersive learning experiences.

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