Hotspots are interactive or passive elements that you add to your scene instances to give the learner more ways to interact with the scene, for example, get more information, identify hazards or decide where to go next.  They can be added to 360 or standard photos and videos. You should be careful not to add too many hotspots, they should only be used when absolutely necessary and ideally a maximum of 5 per scene. If you need to add more, consider having 2 versions of the scene. 

A marker and a shape hotspot

Markers and shapes are designed to make people, objects, or surfaces interactive i.e. you can click on them to identify something, show some feedback, or make a decision.   Markers are for pointing things out, shapes are for drawing around things to make them selectable.  Directions are for allowing the learner to select where to go next if you are allowing them to make that decision, posters are just to show short text in the scene next to something to add context.  

Markers, shapes, and directions are interactive and create connectors on the scene instance node in the storyboard editor.  Use these if you want hotspots to show more information or go to another scene instance. 


Adding hotspots

Hotspots can only be added from the Scene Instance Editor. 

From the menu on the left click to add to the center of the scene, or drag a poster, direction, or marker hotspot into the position in the scene you'd like it. For Shape hotspots, click once to start drawing the shape.    


This will open the hotspot editor, here you can set:

  • Label: The text that appears next to the hotspot.
  • Appearance: Usually used for markers and shapes,  this setting control if the hotspot is showing in the scene or should be hidden because the learner is tasked with finding it. i.e. over a hazard that the learner needs to find.
    • Visible: The hotspot is always visible.
    • Hidden: The hotspot is hidden but still clickable.
    • Show on Select:  The hotspot label will show when the hotspot is clicked.
  • Icon: Select the icon that shows on the label.
  • Color: Select the shape, marker or poster color.
  • Delete: Delete the hotspot.

Double click the hotspot to open this menu. 

Edit the hotspot

Click on a hotspot to select and edit it.  


When the hotspot is selected you can:

  • Position: Click and drag the hotspot to reposition
  • Position label: Separately click and drag the label to reposition
  • Scale: Click and drag the resizing points on the square background to adjust the size
  • Angle: adjust the angles using the pan, tilt and rotate icons
  • Settings: Double click the hotspot or click the settings icon to open the hotspot settings.

ShowHow has the following hotspots available


Use markers to highlight things in the scene, make them selectable or point them out. Markers are circles you can resize and label to provide information. You can also change the circle color if you wish, for example to color-code types of hazard.  Make them invisible if you want to give the learner a task to find them. 


Use direction hotspots to indicate to the learner which way they should go. Try and avoid too many options, i.e. keep the pathways linear if possible to avoid confusion. 


Use a shape to draw around something in the scene, i.e. an object or a person. This will make that object selectable. 


Use a poster hotspot to add details and information. 



If you want to set the time in the scene when a hotspot appears or disappears, i.e. to match something in the video or audio, you can open the Scene Instance Editor and drag the light blue bars to the start and end time you want the hotspot to appear. 

Finding hotspots task

If you want to instruct the learner to find hotspots in the scene instance, you have to first add the task to the scene instance instructions. Click instructions on the toolbar then select “Find hotspots task”


You can add some instructions for the learner, i.e. telling them how long they have, what they need to find and how many, etc. 

For each hotspot that then needs to be found, you need to double click on it and access the Action panel

Then select Find this hotspot



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