Adding scenes to courses

Scene Selector

 From the storyboard editor, you click the Scenes tab to open the scenes pallette.  Here you can select from your collections in the dropdown, or create a new collection.  Click settings to change a collection name or delete the collection. 

You can upload photos or videos or record videos to create new scenes from this panel.  Video recordings can be screen recordings (this page, another tab in Google Chrome, or another application that is open on your computer).  Camera recordings use your laptop or device camera if you have one. We also record audio from the microphone when you are recording. 

Drag in scenes to create scene instances

Drag scenes into the storyboard to add them as Scene Instances.  Now that a scene is in the course it can be linked to using the ports at the start and end. 

Multiple versions of the scene

 You can drag in scenes as many times as you like. This enables you to have different versions of the same scene if you need. You may want multiple versions of the same scene for these reasons: 

  • Playing a part of a video (set the scene instance video length to where you want it to pause), give some information or other action, then go to another scene instance with the next part of the video.
  • Having different hotspots or voiceover in the same scene, i.e. depending on a choice made
  • Branching to another set of actions when the scene completes, depending on the decision made previously.

ShowHow is optimized so you will use the same video or photo again in the background, so you don't need to worry about file size, etc when using multiple versions of a scene. 

Replacing Scenes

If you drag a scene onto the top of another scene instance or placeholder, you can replace the scene in that scene instance.  You will be notified this is happening and given the option to change your mind. 


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