Learner Management

The ShowHow learning platform allows you create engaging immersive scenarios, but also gives you the power to manage people in your account.  The Learner management function allows access to add and remove peoples access, organise them into groups and share courses with your learners in seconds.  You can even set access limits and expiry dates for courses that can be managed inside your LMS or as a stand-alone platform.  

Roles/ Permissions and Access Levels

ShowHow has 3 types of access levels that provide different access to a user.  A Learner has the lowest level of access and Admin has the highest.


Are users who have access to view the courses and record the responses for the course. Learners only have access to the training that is assigned to them or that is shared with them through the account or a third party integration like an LMS.  By default all new users to the system are created as learners. 


Are users who have the authority to create courses and edit courses that are granted access.  Authors have access to share courses they have access to with other Learners, and view basic results and reports.  


Are users with full access to your account.  They can create and edit any course, user, group in your account.   They also have access to system settings at an account level. 


User: Adding and Editing

Once you are logged into ShowHow as an Admin or Author account you will see the Learners option, click on this link to open up the ability to Learner Management function.


The Learner Management section gives you full visibility into all the users in your system what access level they have and what courses they can view.  Here you can search any users that are listed in the system and click on the edit icon to view or update any details. You can also Add a new user by clicking on the add Learner+ button.




Group are a useful way to manage sets of users.  Groups help to perform bulk actions such as sharing courses and it reduces the time to manage each individual 

Group: Adding and Editing

Click on the Learner link on the home screen to open up the Learner Management function.  You can search any Groups that are listed in the system and click on the edit icon to update group details or the people icon to view the members of the group. You can also Add a new Group by clicking on the add Group+ button.




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