The ShowHow learning solution provides rich Reporting and Analytics features so you can measure the effectiviness of your training.   There are a few different out-of-box reports that provide different insights into your courses and your learners.

Course Report

In each course the Admin can get a snapshot of the overall health, this can be a powerful tool to help with course design and view the course engagement.  To switch to this view toggle the “Course Report” button on the bottom left of the course storyboard.  This report can be exported as a PDF and sent to stakeholders.


Learners Report

To view detailed learners reports and analytics click on the Reports link on the home page.   The initial analytics provide a break down of learner attempts and progress for the time frame specified in the data picker.  To change the date range for the data click on the date picker button and select the dates required.


Below the analytics bar chart is a list of all the learners attempts, where you can expand and view data in more detail.

2. Click on Polyline to view the Learners Attempts

Select the learner and click on the polyline in the same row of learner name, this opens the all course and attempts by the learner. To view the progress and results for that attempt click on the expand button.


3. Click on expand button to view the progress during attempt.


The Learner record is visible in a popup window and displays the time and response detail for each Scene and Task that they have attempted.  



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