Scene Editor

ShowHow scene editor allows you to add audio voice overs, hotspots and interactions to help you produce impactful and engaging content.

Double click on a scene instance in the storyboard to enter the scene instance editor. This is similar to the scene editor you saw above, however any changes made here only affect this scene instance.   

At the bottom is the media editor. This allows you to edit your scene media to give your learner the best experience. If you have video, you can crop the video to the bits you need for this scene. You can record or upload voiceovers here, and move them to run at the best time in the scene.   You can also set the scene completion here, so the scene can automatically move on when the video or audio finishes, a hotspot is clicked, a timer or angle of view.  If you have hotspots you can set when they show in the scene or are hidden.