Storyboard editor

ShowHow storyboard editor allows you to plan your immersive course, uploading 360 video and images to produce impactful and engaging content.

The course storyboard editor is where you build your course. You use scenes to inform, educate and entertain your learners. They usually include some media (image, video ,360, 3D model and audio). You challenge your learners, test comprehension and give them decisions to make with tasks.

[storyboard editor]

You drag in scenes and tasks to your storyboard canvas. The module always starts from the most left hand side scene or task. You link scenes and tasks together with links, dragging from whichever outcome.  Scenes go to a task or scene, tasks can have different outcomes depending on the result is successful, or depending on which choice is selected or answer given.    

Click preview to see what the learner will see. You will start from the selected task or scene or the start of the course.