Uploading media

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When you finished your shoot, you need to get your footage or photos off of the memory cards and onto your computer.  You may need to stitch the footage with an app if it’s 360 video or photos. 

In your storyboard editor, create a collection to organise your media. Collections are a good way to group media by shoot or location, so it’s easy to find later. Give it a useful name so it’s distinctive. 

Click ‘UPLOAD’ to select the files you want to upload. This will create scenes in the collection. Photo scenes should be ready straight away, videos will take a while to process before they are ready. 

When scenes are ready, you can double click on them to edit them. 

Here in the scene editor you set the default parameters for the scene. So any changes made here will appear every time you want to use the scene. You can override some features later for different use cases.