Why do we need ShowHow?

ShowHow is learning that feels real. If you help people learn how to work safely and confidently in difficult situations - ShowHow will help them see it for themselves. 

ShowHow is a new simple way to create engaging and fun learning experiences to deliver measurable learning outcomes. 


We already practice scenarios, how will ShowHow help us? 

ShowHow does not intend to replace face to face learning or group scenarios, just make them more efficient and effective. By allowing learners to practice before the face to face session, the learner comes better prepared to focus on what they don’t know. By providing refresher courses and assessment experiences post-session, the learning can stay embedded for longer. 


eLearning is expensive and time consuming, what is the ROI on ShowHow? 

ShowHow is designed to easily allow anyone with subject matter expertise to create learning experiences that feel real, quickly and easily.  The most time consuming part is planning a module, once that is done production, authoring and distribution is easy.  

Allowing learners to practice short impactful scenarios when they feel like learning, saves time and money - reducing the requirement to take learners out of the work environment.


Does ShowHow actually work for learning? 

ShowHow has proven that learners like learning this way, with demonstrable learning impact and great engagement. In a recent study with Capital and Coast DHB, 86% said it was a good learning experience, 69% found ShowHow helped improve confidence and 72% felt they increased their knowledge. 


What industries is ShowHow used in?

ShowHow is best for helping people practice scenarios and situations. If you train people to prepare for this type of thing, then ShowHow can help - particularly if the roles involve dealing with the public or difficult situations. ShowHow is being used by a wide range of organisations, in the medical, logistics, military, emergency and other  government departments.  


What will ShowHow do for us?

ShowHow gives anyone in your organisation a simple cloud authoring tool to share knowledge and experiences easily, with standard or 360 photos, videos and voice. Your learning and development team can manage delivery and help subject matter experts pass on their knowledge.

Shoot in the morning, stand it up in the afternoon with no other software required.


What about training providers?

ShowHow partners with training providers who want to offer organisations learning resources. Training providers can develop courses for free and only pay for when the courses get used. You can also create templates of courses that organisations can purchase and customise to suit their requirements. 


How can we use ShowHow?

Use our cloud based system to storyboard your module to meet clear learning objectives. Use this template to shoot footage and bring it to life. 

Cut and process video and record voice live in the app. Drag in decisions to make, items to find and challenges to overcome. Publish and share as a link or SCORM. 


Is it 360 VR only?

No, ShowHow supports all kinds of video and images. 360 is good for when you want to give the learner the sense of being somewhere or in a situation and works just as well on a mobile or desktop or a VR headset. 


What camera do I need?

ShowHow can use your mobile or laptop camera, or screen record in Google Chrome.  If you want to record 360 video or images, you need a suitable camera. We recommend the Go Pro Max but there are many on the market. 

A good monopod/tripod is important, or you can mount the camera from someone’s head for a personal point of view. 


What else do we need?

Use your phone or any camera including 360s such as the Go Pro Max for that immersive effect. Edit in your browser and share on desktop, mobile on VR headsets such as Oculus Quest. 

ShowHow works offline for fast viewing when bandwidth is difficult and doesn’t require any software installation. You can use it with or without an LMS. 


Is ShowHow secure?

ShowHow is hosted on Amazon Web Services and data is stored in Sydney, Australia. ShowHow is encrypted and secured to industry standards. 


How many licences do we need?

You need an organisation licence for you and another author which means you can create as many courses as you like and share with your learners. You need additional author licences for others to create learning experiences.

Immersive learning platform

ShowHow is the all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create, and deliver, immersive learning experiences.

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