Get scenarios to the learners

So you’ve created some scenarios - what’s next? 

You want to make these easily accessible to the learners who need to practice and develop their skills. ShowHow easily integrates into other platforms to make it easy to deliver scenarios to your audience. 

Easy and secure access

Integrations make it easy to identify the learners and manage the scenarios they can see. You may want this to be available to anyone - publicly and shareable,  or you may also want these to be private and securely available only to a select group.  

Embed scenarios into eLearning

Use scenarios in your eLearning course when you embed them with an authoring package. Scenarios are a great way to practice the learning, assessing comprehension, and engage the learner.

LMS integrations

The easiest way to integrate into your LMS is with SCORM. While this is an older standard and limited, it’s easy to authorize learners. Easily upload a SCORM package to your course and then assign learners or make it available to groups. SCORM will tell the system if a learner completed the activity if you want more detail - standards such as xAPI are available.   

Authoring tool integrations

You can integrate ShowHow with a number of eLearning authoring tools. These include:

  • Articulate StoryLine, The industry standard and most widely adopted authoring tool - you can embed ShowHow as a web object. Generate an embed link via the share panel and paste the link into Storyline.
  • Articulate Rise, A simpler authoring platform designed for mobile and responsive learning experiences. You can embed ShowHow as a URL Embed in a similar way as described above.
  • Chameleon Creator, the new local kid on the block. Chameleon is a simple to use and visually stunning authoring tool - with design diversity and great features.  Embed ShowHow as a URL embed. 


Other system integrations

You can integrate ShowHow into other systems using embed links and public links. We also offer Single Sign On and SAML integrations to make it easy for authors and administrators to access the authoring tools and reporting features. 

Export SCORM package from ShowHow

Once you have completed your scenario, you can export it as a SCORM package. Go to the Share function in your storyboard, select ‘Systems’ and select SCORM. You can then generate the package and download it to your device. 

Use ShowHow embed links as web objects

Use the Share feature to generate an Embed link. This link can be pasted into the Web Object or embed feature of your authoring tool. A point to note, it’s difficult to authenticate the learner using this method - you can add an email action if you want to know who is doing the learning, otherwise, the ShowHow data won’t record this. 

Register domains for your scenarios

When you export SCORM packages or embed scenarios, you need to register the domains the content will be available on. This enables us to dynamically load the right video or other media for the device viewing the scenario - which means much faster higher resolution video in your scenario than a traditional bundled SCORM package. It also means you can update SCORM packages remotely and manage where the scenarios are used. 

Immersive learning platform

ShowHow is the all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create, and deliver, immersive learning experiences.

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